Sugarbag Honey - 30g Vials

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Sugarbag Honey is a unique and special product, with stingless beehives only producing around 1kg per year. It has a distinct citrus/eucalyptus taste, along with the flavours of whatever flowers the bees have been foraging on. Native Stingless Bee Honey is very different to traditional European Bee Honey - it is a little runnier, and the taste is much stronger. For this reason, you only use a small amount at a time. It is delicious lightly drizzled over honey, or if you're feeling a bit more experimentive, you could try out some of the Australian Native Bee Honey recipes in the Australian Native Bee Book

This honey comes either from T.carbonaria or T.hockingsi, the two most common stingless bee species on the east cost of Australia.

The Sugarbag comes in 30g vials.


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    I bought this honey for preschoolers at a long day care centre to try. They really liked the golden colour and the tangy taste!

    Posted by Christine Russo on 12th Oct 2021

    The 30gram vial of honey comes with a really interesting information card.
    Perfect for educational purposes.

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    Sugarbag Honey

    Posted by Lee Murray on 12th Oct 2021

    Amazing, unique honey