Observation Windows - Pack of 10

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Observation Windows are a very important part of native beekeeping. They allow you to see the inner workings of the hive, which is a fantastic feature for checking up on the bees without disturbing them too much and exposing them to pests.

Windows are also perfect for educating others about our fascinating stingless bees - hives with observation windows give us a glimpse into the complex life of a native bee hive.

Some species (such as T.hockingsi and T.carbonaria) 'gummy' up the observation windows with propolis, so the window should be replaced periodically for the best clarity. Ensuring that as little light as possible makes it's way into the hive when the window is not in use is one way of reducing this build-up. When you do replace the windows, make sure not to waste the propolis stuck on the underside as this is a valuable resource. If you leave it outside near the hive the girls will collect the deposits and re-use them. You may even be able to get it clean enough to re-use a couple of times.

These windows are made of a flexible plastic (not perspex) for easy removal.


These windows are A4 size, which means you will have to cut them to size depending on your particular hive design.

These windows will only work if the hive box has been designed/modified to accomodate them.

If you would like a much larger quantity, it would probably be cheaper for you to check out office works/online.